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What ten years of leadership have taught me

PlaySight CEO, innovative company creating 'smart tennis courts', Aaron Skonnard, shares with the "Entrepreneur" lessons taken from the time he has already spent managing their offices.



Build starting with your passion 

Be sure you believe body and soul in your idea as it may well be your life for the rest of your days. There is no success without having pleasure in what you're performing.

Work with people who share your ambition

Everybody must have the same vision starting from the top. From the leader to the newest employee. It is wise to prepare the team for the obstacles they may face so that the team is available to act effectively if they do occur.

Don't raise money without a plan

Financing makes a business move forward and is a sign of its vale, but it can also reduce independence and make workers complacent when you have no well-defined ideas of what to do with the money.

Taking advantage of other business' talent can be important

If one has the financial resources for that, do not disdain acquiring other businesses to achieve rapid growth. It can be an effective way to meet client needs and to ensure new value is added to the business.

Decide which platform to take the best dividends from

Focusing on a physical aspect without a digital component, or vice versa, may seem safer and a less demanding way of trying to grow in the beginning, but sometimes there are factors that elude. Analyse carefully and see if your idea does not yield more in another platform. It might surprise you.

Gather your team around a mission

Employees must always feel they are a part of something bigger which is going to have a real impact in their area. It is essential they understand why it is the business exists and what does it offer which differentiates from others.

Hire people who identify themselves with the business

Any self-respecting business should have a clear set of values by whose it stands and should follow without exception, which is why new hires should have a profile which fits in what is to be implemented.

Hire employees brighter than yourself

This might play with your ego, but is important to count on someone who can offer different perspectives and new ideas you might not reach otherwise.

Improve constantly

Never accommodate and rest on the laurels of years past. Doubt, question, seek ways to achieve new goals and take the opportunity to progress as a person and as a professional along the way. Never demand less from yourself and others you work with.

Accept sometimes you may be wrong

You will never get it right all the time and mistakes is something you will have to learn to deal with and assume as something which might happen when least expected. As long as it's not by way of neglectful mistakes or incompetence, one must accept failure as a way to help the business moving forward.