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Energia de Portugal 2014

The road to the investment pitch draws to an end

In the last work session of Energia de Portugal the 14 teams adjusted details to the session that is going to reveal the winners of the third edition of this initiative of Expresso and EDP.

Tiago Oliveira

The presentations centered on the upcoming challenge

Marcos Borga

The anxiety is already obvious and the expectation is large. It will be on Thursday, the 14th of November, that the teams will go to the Espaço Brasil at LX Factory, in Lisbon, to present their business ideas before a group of investors. It is the decisive moment.  

 The last bootcamp took place today and the focus was put in finishing details of the business ideas and in carefully preparing their presentations. The session began with finance planning, and the teams realized the costs of maintaining the business operating. In this regard, fixed and variable costs must be evaluated and the good use of money ensured.

Some exercise followed, so that the groups could see how to plan the execution, that is, the main tasks to be accomplished as soon as the business is launched. In the afternoon, all the teams recorded a 30 seconds video explaining what they did in the competition, while discussions around the components to be used in the investment pitch were already taking place.

The next Bill Gates

The last part of the bootcamp brought the presence of two personalities who attracted the participants' attention and originated a heated debate. The first was António Vidigal, president of EDP Innovation, who explained the company's mission to support entrepreneurship and the tools it can offer the participants so that they can reach their goals. "I believe the future Portuguese Bill Gates are here", he said to the participants as an incentive.

Hugo Gonçalves Pereira from Shilling Capital, a business angels society formed in 2010 to support Portuguese startups, followed. Among advices and suggestions, he explained what this kind of investors look for in new enterprises and talked about the big factors influencing the decision of investing or not investing. "More than looking and sounding very formal you have to take up the cudgels so that we can see you have potential", he stated.

The work session ended and most of the teams still remained at Fábrica de Startups headquarters for large minutes. It really matters that they are prepared for what could be one of the most important moments of their entrepreneurial lives.