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Energia de Portugal 2014

Revenues mark the third bootcamp

Energia de Portugal' teams met to the third work session in Fábrica de Startups' headquarters, when only one more will take place before the investment pitch.

Tiago Oliveira

Board filled with inspirational messages from the teams

Tiago Oliveira

Energia de Portugal runs at full steam looking already to the forthcoming Investment Pitch (14th of November). So, in the last but one work session where some of the teams will be able to show their merit before a group of investors, they completed one stage more in their journey.

In this bootcamp the main purposes were to understand how to generate financial revenues and create business value. The teams have studied different ways of winning money and saw several price models and how to structure their businesses in order to get the best returns.

In what concerns having a larger business value, this session brought the value chain inside a business, the different positions that can exist in a business and the different kinds of contracts that can be written. The different ways of partnership available also received special attention.

To help participants understand the different mechanisms and main steps in the way to ensure risk investment, Fábrica de Startups received Luís Roquette Geraldes from the lawyers' firm Morais Leitão Galvão Teles Soares da Silva & Associados. He is an expert in this subject, and coordinates the Team Genesis which gives legal counselling in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship.

At the end, the teams met once more with their mentors having one more hard week ahead, testing hypothesis. The aim is closer and closer.