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Energia de Portugal 2014

Creating safe value in the second bootcamp

Energia de Portugal's teams met again to the second work session where they explored new knowledge and received the visit of a Google's delegation to better understand how AdWords works.

Tiago Oliveira

The participants had to keep their attention focused throughout a very intense day

Tiago Oliveira

It was another busy day in the Fábrica de Startups headquarters. After a week in touch with the first works and tasks the teams were back to the second bootcamp where the main purpose was to cement what they had learned in the previous work session and jump to other phases of the acceleration plan.

Knowing the customer and establishing criteria to segment the target public was one of the points in analysis. Creating value and managing professional relationships and relationships with the clients came next. All these topics were accompanied by practical exercises the teams have had to accomplish in a certain period of time and present conclusions to their colleagues.

João Januário of BeatMyGrades, never took his eyes off the presentations along the day and had the task to present the landing page of his project to the other teams which then asked some questions and made some comments. A deserved break followed where he explained that "It is being hard and intensive work, but it really has to be so ". As for the critics to his team's work they always have to be faced as "positive and constructive".

The developer of this digital platform of academic help that intends to make it easier to get to the best private teachers in the country through online sessions presented the "landing page" of his project and stressed the value of those work sessions where they have been learning "lots of things", and emphasized that he never thought he would "benefit so much from the contact with colleagues and mentors".

Like Henry the Navigator 

After lunch, the teams had the chance to watch a presentation about Google's advertising tool, AdWords. Inês Viseu travelled from Dublin, where the technological giant has its headquarters in Europe, where she serves as liaison to Portugal, to explain to the entrepreneurs the system mechanisms and how they can take advantage of them.

"We are now forming a team to place AdWords more at the disposal of the startups here and help them in their internationalization just like henry the Navigator! It is very rewarding to contribute to enter the international sphere", Inês stated. 

There is now another week of very hard work before the third work session to take place on the 4th of November. Up to the end all points count to see who is going to reach the end in the first place.