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Energia de Portugal 2014

Know who won Energia de Portugal 2014

Me Passa Aí! were the winners of Energia de Portugal 2014, the initiative organized by Expresso and EDP. They got €20 thousand. The six months of incubation prize in EDP Starter went to Pknoa. 14 teams entered the Investment Pitch.

Tiago Oliveira

Pknoa were the winners of the Energia Prize

Nuno Botelho

From Brazil to victory. Me Passa Aí! got the big prize in Expresso and EDP's entrepreneurship challenge after impressing investors in the investment pitch, which took place today in the Brazil Space in LX Factory.

This year, Energia de Portugal accepted ideas from Brazil and China to join portuguese startups and this international factor was one of the big draws. The learning plataform for university pupils, which had already wowed the judges in the team selection in São Paulo with the proposal for videos with short and efective lessons will get a prize of €20 thousand.

The Energy award went to Pknoa, a portuguese app which gathers data from daily life so the user can use it in a an unique way. They will now get six months of incubation in EDP Starter.

To finish the event, Martim Avillez Figueiredo, COO of Impresa Publishing, promised that in the future "we wil go to even more destinations round the globe".